Our team is comprised of proven innovators with exceptional academic, industry, and clinical experience. DeepHealth’s clinical and technical teams consist of experts in radiology, computer vision, and machine learning, with PhDs and technical degrees from Harvard, MIT, and other respected institutions. We are led by Greg Sorensen, Radiologist and former Harvard professor and CEO of Siemens Healthcare North America.

Greg Sorensen, M.D.
Greg Sorensen, M.D.CEO & Co-Founder
Greg is a board-certified radiologist with extensive experience as a medical practitioner, physician scientist, and business executive including positions as Professor at Harvard Medical School and CEO of Siemens Healthcare North America.
Bret Baird, MBA
Bret Baird, MBAChief Commercial Officer
Bret received his MBA from Harvard Business School and has extensive experience in developing and commercializing new medical technology and services.
Yun Boyer
Yun BoyerMachine Learning Engineer
Yun received her Master’s degree of Engineering and Bachelor’s degree in Computer Science and Molecular Biology from MIT. She was previously a DeepHealth intern.
Audrey Chang
Audrey ChangIS Software Engineer
Audrey received her Master of Computer Science from Boston University. She has extensive experiences in application architecture, design and development of software solutions for communication industry clients spanning across multiple fields.
Alyssa Cochran
Alyssa CochranDevOps Engineer
Alyssa has a master’s degree in Botany where she became passionate about bioinformatics and reproducible science. She has experience building and automating bioinformatic workflows for both startups and large corporations.
Giorgia Grisot, Ph.D.
Giorgia Grisot, Ph.D.Clinical Product Lead
Giorgia received a PhD from the Harvard-MIT HST program, focusing on the validation of imaging algorithms. She has developed expertise in the intersection of medicine, engineering, and neuroscience.
Christy Hardin
Christy HardinQuality Assurance Manager
Christy has over 13 years of Quality experience in the medical device industry with an emphasis in electromagnetic navigation systems including software, hardware, and sterile instrumentation.
Bryan Haslam, Ph.D.
Bryan Haslam, Ph.D.Vice President of Product
Bryan received his PhD in computer science from MIT and has experience in technology transfer from academia to industry.
Tyler Humpherys
Tyler HumpherysData Science Research Associate
Tyler has studied molecular biology and applied mathematics putting him at the intersection of science, medicine, computer science, and applied mathematics. He has five years experience researching cancer and developing cancer-related products.
Nathan Hunt
Nathan HuntVP of Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs
Nathan brings over 25 years of Quality, Regulatory, and Clinical experience to DeepHealth. Prior to joining, Nathan played an integral role at Veran Medical Technologies helping develop and execute a corporate strategy culminating in the acquisition by Olympus Corporation of America.
Jiye Kim, Ph.D.
Jiye Kim, Ph.D.Director of Clinical Studies
Jiye received a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience and completed two post-doctoral fellowships at Princeton and Harvard. She has extensive experience working with diverse clinical populations and imaging data.
Myeongchan Kim, MD
Myeongchan Kim, MD Machine Learning Engineer
Myeongchan Kim, MD, is a Machine Learning Engineer with experience in both medicine and computer science. He has previously worked as a post-doctoral Research Fellow at MGH/Harvard Medical School.
Hyunkwang Lee, PhD
Hyunkwang Lee, PhD Director of Artificial Intelligence
Hyunkwang received his PhD in Electrical Engineering from Harvard. He has extensive experience in developing generalizable and explainable deep learning algorithms for medical imaging applications.
Leeann Louis, Ph.D.
Leeann Louis, Ph.D.Clinical Data Scientist
Leeann received a PhD in Integrative Biology from UC Berkeley. She has extensive experience working at the intersection of medical imaging, biomedical engineering, and musculoskeletal biology.
Mina Moussavi
Mina MoussaviClinical Product Manager
Mina completed a PhD in Physiology at the University of Calgary. She has experience conducting research in the fields of molecular neuroendocrinology and improving medical education program outcomes. She was most recently an Assistant Professor at Boston University School of Medicine and the Director of Professional and Career Development for Graduate Medical Sciences.
Jorge Onieva, M.Sc.
Jorge Onieva, M.Sc.Data Scientist
Jorge is a Machine Learning Engineer/Data Scientist with diverse experience in the development of software applications. He was also a researcher at Harvard Medical School and CTO of a corporate startup.
Abdul Rahman Diab
Abdul Rahman DiabMachine Learning Engineer
Abe majored in biology at the University of Minnesota and was previously an intern for DeepHealth.
Ben Reece
Ben ReeceVP of AI Operations
Ben received his MBA from the University of Newcastle. He has an extensive background in radiology and teleradiology, as well as experience designing, optimizing, and implementing AI solutions.
Ryan Shnitman
Ryan ShnitmanSoftware Product Engineer
Ryan received his bachelor’s in Computer science and statistics with a minor in Economics from Boston University. There he was involved in multiple research projects surrounding statistical computing.
Melina Tsitsiklis, Ph.D.
Melina Tsitsiklis, Ph.D.Clinical Data Scientist
Melina completed a PhD and post-doctoral fellowship in Neuroscience at Columbia University. She has experience conducting research in the fields of neuroscience and biomedical engineering, including with clinical populations.
Brian Wolf
Brian WolfSenior Software Product Engineer
Brian received his Bachelor of Science degree in Applied Mathematics from Carnegie Mellon University. He is a proven project leader with 40 years of hands-on experience
developing high quality software products.
David Zhou
David ZhouDirector of Software
David is an experienced software engineer. He develops architecture to help deploy cloud and enterprise software applications in the healthcare administrative and clinical space.

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